Count on Us When You Need Dexter Cattle

You can reach out to us to purchase cows or bulls

To breed your own Dexter cattle and run a profitable farm, you need plenty of cows to get started. Look into purchasing Dexter cattle from Quail Hollow Farm. Our farm has breeding cows and bulls available for purchase. These cows will make a great addition to your farm because they provide ample milk and beef. Plus, they're relatively small and easy to handle.

If you have questions about raising Dexter cattle, we'd be happy to speak with you. Dial 325-227-1128 now.

Our cow buying process is easy

Selling cows is important work, and we want to make sure we do it right. That's why we follow a detailed process to ensure that the sale is handled properly. We will:

  • Respond to your request and add your name to the Dexter cattle waitlist
  • Call you as soon as we can provide you with the cattle you want to buy
  • Coordinate a time for pickup and help the cows get safely in your trailer
From start to finish, we'll keep the process simple and easy. Get in touch with us now to add your name to our waitlist.

Quail Hollow Cinnamon ADCA # 053271

DOB 10/7/2023

Red Heterozygous Polled heifer



Quail Hollow K3 ADCA# 053272

DOB 2/6/2023

Red Heterozygous Polled Bull Calf